CHUAN KENG BOON (1953 - 2010)

Chuan Keng Boon was born in Singapore. He received his first formal lessons in art when he was in Secondary 3 from Mr. Chen Wuchi, Singapore's well-known painter of tigers, who was then teaching at Anglican High School. He graduated with a B.A. from Nanyang University in 1977. During his university days, he learnt Chinese brush painting from Mr. Chen for nearly 2 years. In 1975, he was introduced to another well-known artist, Mr. Fan Changqian and received invaluable tips from him.

Keng Boon has participated in numerous exhibitions between 1978 and 2010.

1978-1986 : Nantah Graduates Art Exhibition
1985 : Pan Pacific Art Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
1987-1991 : Exhibitions of the Singapore Art Society
1987 : The National Museum's Centenary Art Exhibition
1991-1992 : The Asean Travelling Exhibition of Paintings in Thailand,
Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore
1992 : International Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition in Seoul,
Korea and Quanzhou, China
1994 : "Window on Singapore Art" which was exhibited in Beijing,
Jinan, Suzhou, Shanghai, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Guangdong and Hong Kong
2000 : An International Chinese Literary and Art Exhibition which was held in Beijing to welcome the new millennium. A total of 125 famous Chinese writers and artists took part in this prestigious exhibition. Keng Boon was one of the 6 Singapore literary and art personalities invited for this exhibition. His painting, "Sailing On The Lijiang River" is also shown here.
1978 - 2008 : Hua Han Art Society Art Exhibition
2009 : Singapore Hainanese Traditional Cultural Festival Art Exhibition
2010 : 75th Anniversary Art Exhibition of The Society of Chinese Artists

Keng Boon won the Tan Tze Chor Art Award in 1989. In 1993, he won the First Prize in traditional Chinese painting in the 12th "Painting Of The Year" competition organised by United Overseas Bank.

All his paintings shown are in private collection.


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Farm House Excursion Mountain Donkey
Li River In Guilin Ancient Mountain Hokkien Street
Mountain In Autumn My Home Old Scene Of Singapore River
Singing Fishermen Sailing On The Lijiang River White Clouds